In a recent interview, Attirer Web3 Wire, an independent publication of Web3 press releases, news, and stories, sat down with David Ham, Director of Business Development, South Korea at CertiK. CertiK is a pioneering security-focused ranking platform that provides in-depth analysis and monitoring of blockchain protocols and DeFi projects. The company is widely recognized as a leading smart contract auditor, offering a comprehensive suite of tools to enhance security in the blockchain industry.

Founded in 2018 by professors from Columbia and Yale, CertiK utilizes cutting-edge Formal Verification and AI technology to secure and monitor blockchains, smart contracts, and Web3 applications. During the interview, David Ham shed light on CertiK's role in the blockchain ecosystem and its impact on the Korean market.

A Comprehensive Suite of Security Services with a Global Reach and Key Partnerships

David Ham discussed the company's core services, including smart contract auditing and the innovative Skynet security scores, now visible on platforms like CoinMarketCap. CertiK also offers wallet testing and transaction tracking, making it a one-stop solution for blockchain security needs.

"Our goal is to help projects create trust and security," David Ham emphasized, highlighting CertiK's dedication to fostering trust in the industry.

CertiK's client base spans various blockchain platforms, including Polygon, Avalanche, Sui, Sei, Near, and Aptos reflecting its wide-reaching influence. When asked about the Korean market, David Ham pointed out that Korea has remained a dominant force in the blockchain industry, driving substantial trading volume globally.

"Korea drives massive volume in trading. One of the top markets globally," David Ham stated, emphasizing the country's significance in the blockchain ecosystem.

CertiK's Growing Presence in Seoul

CertiK's presence in Seoul has grown over the past few years, with David Ham joining the team in April. His extensive experience in the blockchain industry, including previous roles at Polygon, NEM, and Samsung, positions him as a key figure in the Korean blockchain landscape.

"In Korea, you need to embrace the community and have a service that people will use themselves," David Ham advised those looking to implement projects in Korea, stressing the importance of user-centric design.

Blockchain's Impact on Korea's Future

Regarding the future of blockchain technology in Korea, David Ham pointed out that many traditional Web 2 companies, such as Samsung, LG, and SK, are transitioning into Web 3. This shift indicates the growing impact of blockchain technology on a broader scale.

"Blockchain will impact those types of services very soon," David Ham predicted, referring to services that serve millions of users.

When discussing challenges, David Ham acknowledged that while blockchain technology supports privacy, regulatory hurdles can slow progress. He suggested that appropriate regulation can make the blockchain and crypto space safer while acknowledging that it may present obstacles to rapid advancement.

In closing, David Ham shared exciting developments at CertiK, including its involvement with Wemix and Crossangle in the Korean market, with more collaborations on the horizon. He also encouraged projects to engage with CertiK early in their development process to ensure a secure and trustable smart contract service.

About CertiK

CertiK is a leading security-focused ranking platform that offers comprehensive solutions for securing blockchain protocols, smart contracts, and DeFi projects. Founded in 2018 by professors from Columbia and Yale, CertiK employs Formal Verification and AI technology to ensure the highest level of security in the blockchain industry. CertiK's services include smart contract auditing, security scores, wallet testing, transaction tracking, and more, making it a trusted partner for blockchain projects worldwide.

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